Meet Chris

We had the 74th anniversary of D-Day this past year. My father was a part of the greatest generation. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge. They were the greatest generation because of their service to others. They struggled through the Great Depression right onto World War II. I grew up in the shadows of this generation. It was a time when morality reigned. You knew what was right and what was wrong. There was no debate on what “is” meant. Virtue trumped vice. It was a society centered around family. In school the teachers were in charge. The big crimes were talking in class when you were not called on, putting gum under your desk or being out of line. My first achievement was becoming an altar boy. I latter served as a paper boy. Out of college I served in a weapon’s development program. But I am retired now. Retired from the Navy. Retired from Defense Intelligence Agency.

MDGOP Candidate